How to become a professional player

The work market in esports scene is growing in giant steps, while professional players get better conditions and salaries. The joint of big brandings in financial lines for the teams had forced them to look more carefully the kind of players which they contract.

Behind left the time that player image didn’t care, where social networking were almost an extension of ingame chats, where all was valid and had not repercussion in front of managers and team representatives. Today, esports teams look for franquicial players, people who they can trust to become the face of the brands in their back and, suddenly, that became the difference between the professional players and good players without team.

But, then… being good ingame and take care of my social networking image is what I need to become professional?. God, no. There’re a lot of factors involved on becoming a professional player in front of dedicating yourself to compete.


When someone gets the professional tag it gets understood that is developing a function which it’s capable of and this means of course being economically compensated for that.

Professional players get this functions attached to contract points with their clubs, and besides that standard and general obligations are pretty clear, archiving sportive objectives, respecting tournament and leagues rulesets and having a neat social image (for himself and the club itself) can be part of the legal deal.

This makes a really tight daily schedule for the player, having to adapt his life to qualifiers, tournament travels, photography sessions, etc.


Knowing in detail the secrets of the game, train to become better and study the opponent’s is not an easy job. Everyday professional players take their time in this aspects which, with practice and discipline makes them possess the necessary aptitudes to bring their jobs ad maximum possible level.


Every professional player must keep rolling some adequate conduct codes to develop properly the activities that involve him. There were some cases where a bad behavior of the player finished in a punish or sanction over his team, being even kicked off the tournament.

This can end in a sponsorship lost., which is one of the primary reasons for the teams to avoid conflictive players.


Even having all the requirements mentioned above, nothing can guarantee that you will become a professional player. This is a extremely competitive industry where a really few people get the chance to compete at maximum level.

To begin with one have to have a really big dedication in the game and a progressive and ascendant evolution. If you do not love it, you probably will never get on the necessary level to shine enough. The best is to start on amateur and open tournaments to get renown, that there is where new talents born and the humble teams look for good players for their rosters.


Teamwork and self criticism are two fundamental attitudes in the road to become a professional player, same as in any other job. Without them there’s no way to improve, assuming the youthness of players, failing on acquiring this attitudes will finish over frustration and low performance.

To sum up, getting on the top of the mountain it’s a long term run without rest and not a sprint, where player needs to have a good self control and discipline to keep the good performance. A good sentence to this could be: “work silent and let the job be the loud.” There’s no better way to become professional that having a good opportunity to start.

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